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Korindo Group

Founded in 1969, Korindo Group is a global company with 30,000 employees and leads more than 30 affiliates, including paper and heavy industry, finance, real estate, and logistics, as well as resource businesses such as wood processing and afforestation. We have overseas cooperation networks in various fields, and we are working with our company to open a market for domestic and foreign markets

Korindo Group, which has grown into one of the largest business groups in Indonesia today,
is contributing a lot to the economic development of Indonesia

Korindo Group has long focused its capabilities on eco-friendly businesses by entering the afforestation business
that can protect and replace natural forests, wind tower production for wind generators,
and renewable energy generation businesses.

It has also entered the tissue and industrial paper sectors with a competitive advantage in regenerative pulp,
with its ability to produce 100% waste paper that values mined resources.

In addition, we contribute to the economic development of Indonesia by promoting the development
of social infrastructure through heavy industries such as plants and special vehicles.