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Paper Business

Korin International's paper division is about environmental friendliness and
resource recycling for a healthy planet.

By supplying products suitable for customers' purposes through high-quality domestic exports and
overseas pulp imports, we are implementing our vision through resource recycling.

The paper sector provides the best service with the highest competitive edge.

Korean old corrugated container Exports

Sourcing and exporting domestic quality box waste and newspaper that are required by various overseas industries to
Southeast Asian and overseas countries.

This provides a foothold in the resource RECYCLE for reproduction into various paper products.

Korin International has a wide range of ITEMs in various paper businesses
For stable operation, domestic waste paper is steadily supplying raw materials.

In addition to this, it has a competitive edge in exports due to the demand for various paper products from
various countries under the Korea-ASEAN FTA agreement
It's improving day by day.

Export items : KOCC, OINP

Worksheet (High Pressure Compression Field) Foreground

KOCC - Korean Old Corrugated Container (98:2 / 90:10)

By industrial, logistics centers, recovered from a supplying Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand in East Asia as cardboard.

Kocc 98:2 notice more than 98 % - 2 % (occ) and other board

Kocc 90:10 (occ) Hill & 7 or 8 percent more than 90 percent - duplex board, white board and 1 % cardboard guitar.

ONIP - Over-issue News Paper (for Re-use)

It is a newspaper that has not been sold and is mainly supplied to East Asia.

Sold in Korean newspaper specification (780 mm 540 mm)

Mixed Catalogues & Magazines

Catalogs, magazines, and printed paper recovered from the printing plant

Pulp import

We import high-quality pulp from overseas that can be used for various purposes in the paper industry and
deliver it safely to the customer's destination.

Imported PAPER/PULP CHIP etc. are processed and reproduced with various paper products.